Wool is truly a renewable resource. Sheep produce this unique fiber through the conversion of natural resources, which might otherwise be wasted. In an age when quality, value and ecological concerns are paramount in the minds of consumers, wool offers the perfect answer a natural, renewable fiber with exceptional performance.



About us:

We are the leading wool exporters in Pakistan and manufacturers of Semi Worsted woollen yarn.

We have our own scouring plant, one of the best in Pakistan and a high density bailing bailing press. We are regularly exporting our various wools in greasy and scoured form to India, China, U.K, Belgium, Germany, Japan and Australia.

We have been in the wool industry since the last three decades and we have managed to build a good reputation with all major buyers around the world. We have provided quality wools around the globe for many years and we intend to keep providing our customers with the best of our services and products.



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Exporters of wool, manufacturers of woollen yarn  


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